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Hillsboro - Lobelia Loops


The Hillsboro, Lobelia area has long been a favorite road riding destination. The area is beautiful and though these rides have plenty of climbing, you are rewarded with outstanding vistas. You will want to take the short detour into Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park to view the Big Levels from the lookout tower. If you are doing Section D, you will want to take the 100 yard detour at the end of Locust Creek Road, to ride you bike through the Locust Creek Covered Bridge.

Below are various route options ranging from 11.4 miles and 885 feet of climbing to 45 miles and 3,969 feet of climbing starting in Watoga State Park. Options that include Lobelia, not only have the second climb up the back side of Droop Mountain, but have 4 steep ramps to go over between the climbs of Droop.

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The graph below shows the route options with letters indicating the different sections. The route descriptions will indicate which route sections are use for the specific route, in the order they are covers. All routes start in downtown Hillsboro with the exception of the Assault on Droop Mountain.

General Route Descriptions

Hillsboro Loop - Sections A,C,E
Length: 11.4 Miles
Climbing: 885 Feet
Rating: 1.0
Climbing per Mile: 77.6

Ride with GPS file of route created by George Cook

This route features a two mile climb of Droop Mountain, before a flat ride across the mountain to Droop Mountain State Park and then a long curvy steep descent on US 219 with a final flat run back to Hillsboro.

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Hillsboro-Lobelia Loop - Sections A-B-E
Length: 17.9 Miles
Climbing: 1,968
Rating: 1.9
Climbing per Mile: 110

Ride with GPS file of route created by George Cook
This route features two climbs of Droop Mountain and four short steep climbs in between. Note that the substitution of section B for section C in the above ride , adds 6.5 miles and 1,083 feet of climbing or 167 per mile on section B.

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Hillsboro - Droop - Locust Creek Loop - Sections A-C-D
Length: 17.8 miles
Climbing: 1,279 feet
Rating: 1.5
Climbing per mile: 72
Start in downtown Hillsboro at US 219 Co. 29 Locust Creek Road intersection. This route does not include the hilly section B, but there will be a couple short climbs coming back into Hillsboro from the Locust Creek Covered Bridge.

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Lobelia Loop Sections A-B-D
Length: 24.4 Miles
Climbing: 2,329 Feet
Climbing per mile: 95.5

Ride with GPS file of route created by George Cook

Route features two climbs of Droop Mountain and trip down Locust Creek.

Start in Hillsboro at Jct. of US 219 and Co. 29 Lobelia Road

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Assault on Droop Mountain. Sections: F-A-B-D-F
Length: 45.8 miles
: 3969
Climbing per Mile: 87

Ride with GPS file of route created by George Cook

This is a route I introduced for the Mountain State Wheelers bike club's annual Fall weekend.  It is a very scenic, but tough ride.

Start at parking lot at the entrance of Beaver Creek Campground, Watoga State Park.

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