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Miscellaneous documents related to cycling and biking in West Virginia.

Title Added Description
Page to download monthly ride charts. April 8, 2015. Monthly charts for tracking your mileage and climbing.
Camping Sites for road riding. - PDF April 1, 2015. Favorite camping spots for road riding in WV.
Get in the Biking Mood - Slide Show Mar. 6, 2015. Slide show of various cycling photos to help you get in the mood for the coming biking season after a cold, snowy winter.
Favorite Vistas and Panoramas Feb. 5, 2015. Some, but not near all of my favorite high point views experienced from a bike in West Virgina. PDF Verion


The listing of routes on this site is not a guarantee of the safety of the route. Cycling has inherent risks and riders skills vary. Traffic conditions vary by time of day, season and local events. Road conditions can vary and change and may change dramatically over one winter season. Riders need to ride within their capabilities and be alert for road hazards and traffic at all times.

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