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  • Looking toward Scott Hollow from County 43.
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  • Coiunty 43
  • County 43
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  • County 58/1
  • County 5/2
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  • From County 5/2
  • County 5/2
  • View East from Sinks Grrove
  • County 5/3
Looking toward Scott Hollow from County 43.1 County 5/22 County 433 County 5/34 Coiunty 435 County 436 County 58/17 County 58/18 County 5/29 County 58/110 County 5/211 From County 5/212 County 5/213 View East from Sinks Grrove14 County 5/315

Sinks Grove Loops


Loop A
Length: 5.1
Climbing: 233
Rating: 0.4
Climbing Per Mile: 46

Loop B
Length: 6.9
Rating: 0.5
Climbing: 371
Climbing per Mile: 54

Loop C
Length: 4.5
Climbing: 292
Rating: 0.4
Climbing per Mile: 65 ft..

Loop A+B
Length: 10.2
Rating: 0.7
Climbing: 436
Climbing per Mile: 42 ft..

Loop A+B+C
Length: 12.5
Rating: 0.9
Climbing: 499
Climbing per Mile: 40 ft..

Loop B+C
Length: 9.2
Rating: 0.7
Climbing: 440
Climbing per Mile: 48.ft.


Location: These rides is in southern Greenbrier and northern Monroe Counties.

Sinks Grove Loops Map and Turn List - PDF

General Route Description

These short loops lie on the rolling karst terrain, as seen in the photo, between Flat Top Mountain and the Second Creek drainage. Though you cannot call the terrain flat, there are no long climbs on these short loops. They can be done separately or in combination. Co. 5 (Monroe) and Co. 43 (Greerbrier) is a two lane striped road. The others are one lane country roads. County 43/2 and 5/2 are tire and chip surfaces with some sketchy sections but you want to take your time and enjoy the beautiful scenery. County 43/2 and 5/2 also have the most rolling terrain as it skirts the foot of Flat Top Mountain.

Food-Water Sources:
There are no food or water sources on the routes.

Items of Interest Along the Route:

Other than the three rural churches on the route, the scenery is the main item of interest.

Local Sources

Nearest Bike Shops:

Hill and Holler Bicycle Works,121 East Washington Street, Lewisburg, WV


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