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Kanawha County

Kanawha County is in South Central West Virginia and is the seat of state goverment. The Capitol is located in the county seat of Charleston.The Kanawha River, for which the county was named, bisects the county, flowing from the South central part of the county to the West central part.

Kanawha County Rides

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A little about the county.

Kanawha County is the fourth largest county in the state by area, at 911 square miles. Being the seat of state government, it naturally stee[ed in history. Famous frontiersmen Danial Boone and Simon Kenton lived in the county for a while. The Kanawha salines provided salt, necessary for the perservation of meat, for a large portion of the frontier. Tools developed for the drilling salt wells were used to drill the first oil wells in America. Early transportation was initially provided by the Kanawha River. The Cheseape and Ohio Railroad reached the county in 1873.

Coal, Chemicals and manufactoring have all played prominent parts in the development of the county, thought all are in decline. Charleston has a minor league baseball team (WV Power). Kanawha State Forest provides outdoor recreation for the residents, with mountain biking being one of the prominent activities. West Virgnia State University, and the University of Charleston , as well as branches of Marshall University and West Virginia University are located in the county.

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